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    My startup times for APP are fine – usually around 5 seconds. However, I have had some occasions when I receive a message that my license could not be verified. If I had to guess, these usually seem to coincide with times when I’ve shut down APP and started it up soon thereafter. If it helps, the most recent time I had this trouble would have been within a few minutes of 18:08 UTC on 5/17. Also, I tried shutting off my wireless on my laptop and opening APP. I received a message telling me I didn’t have an internet connection (which would have been correct). I still think it would be worthwhile to have some method to allow users to run APP when they don’t have an internet connection – perhaps only verify licensing every few days or maybe even as long as a week?

    Hi @srosenfraz,

    Thank you for your feedback ?

    Yes, the message that the license could not be verified, probably has to do with a file lock on the license file I think. So a new instance of APP can’t get access to the license file due to a lock of the previous instance. I’ll have a look tomorrow if this is the case. The strange thing to me is , that while testing and developing APP, I start APP dozens of times on my windows 7 machine, usually several instances at the same time, and I never have these problems.( In my test environment I currently use the production license server ). So chances are I have to dig a bit deeper to find the cause of this.

    Regarding the current internet connection requirement: yes, I agree, this is still on the RFC list. I have been working on other more pressing (in my opinion) RFCs but I haven’t forgotten about this one. I will put effort in this, no doubt ?


    van Overzee
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    Thanks for your explanation! Off course leave it the way it is. Sounds pretty logical.



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    Hi Mabula –

    Regarding the file locking – FYI, I do have a local network (Windows 7) with some mapped drives.  Perhaps something about this configuration enforces stricter file locking?


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    Hi Scott (@srosenfraz),

    Hmm, I think it will not be an explanation in this case since the license file is still stored locally in your OS user directory. I am also not sure yet if the bug relates to file locking, but I strongly suspect it.

    I access files over network and a usb3 drive without running into this problem.. so I need to test more to solve this I am afraid 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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