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    I’ve loaded all my SII frames and my stacked Ha frame (for registration purposes). I have processed all SII frames up to step 4) REGISTER while having the Ha frame unchecked.

    Then I selected the Ha frame in the file list to indicate this is the reference file and pressed start registration. The Ha frame was still unchecked in the file list. This produced the following error message to pop-up:

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    Hmm, okay, to use the Ha stack as your reference, you will need to do the star analysis on the Ha-stack, so registration becomes possible. Then selecht the Ha as reference and unselect the Ha stack before starting the registration proces. Let me know if this works ?

    Usually I don’t work in the workflow. I make the stacks per channel. And then load all stacked channels and perform registration. But your method should work, let me know if you encounter this error again. I think APP fails here because the Ha stack wasn’t star analysed and I dont’catch this error properly..


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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